Reminding me why I miss Melbourne

caseyandsteve_October 28, 2015-90We have been here close on two years now, each time we get visitors I get a little ‘Melbourne sick’. Not sick for the actual place, take that or leave it really. Okay, well sometimes when I desperately want Red Rooster chips or when I want to go and buy shoes at the Adidas shop, but aside from that I don’t really care about the place anymore.

I miss my people though! I miss them so much that I really do go out of my way to try and convince everyone to move to Tasmania. I mean seriously, why would you not want to?

I think Hobart did a pretty good of trying to entice these two folks to make the trip across the big bit of water. They were only here for a little under 24 hours, but we certainly got a lot packed in. Especially considering they picked the day of my first exam to come and hang out. Thankfully I tend to suck at exams so got out of there pretty early and headed on down to spend a day playing.

We wandered around town, ate some weird vegan thing that wasn’t chicken, wandered some more and then reconvened at MONA for an afternoon of culture, or art… or something… What even is art? I guess it is all art, life is art… art is life… maybe… who knows.

Naturally the Hobart weather was totally awesome, that sounded like sarcasm, but it wasn’t, the weather actually was really good. So good I had to take them to the top of my favourite mountain to watch sunset. The mountain had other ideas though and dropped the best cloudage over the pinnacle. It was still a rad sunset though, I am sure, we just couldn’t see it. However the next best thing to a sunset on the pinnacle is a cold misty pinnacle, with not a soul around… Well, except for the lone trail runner who ran to the top and wasn’t keen on running back down again so was waiting for a lift from a random stranger. Random strangers being us.

All up I think these Melbournites got a good all round coverage of Hobart… Decent food, a nice ferry ride up the Derwent, a pleasant afternoon of poo machines at MONA, a visit to my favourite mountain in my favourite weather, a step photo, a quick stop to admire the Cascade Brewery, giving lifts to random people and of course a delayed Jetstar flight to get back home.

Oh Melbourne, why does it have to be so far away from some of my favourite peoples! I think a bridge should be build across the Bass Strait so I can go driving and visit them all the time… Or they could all just move here…

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