Portrait shoot: Evan and Paddy

Oh man, I had such a blast this morning. Kids are pretty damn fun to photograph I’ve decided. Paddy and Evan bought around some of their favourite things and we proceeded to stuff about and get some photos in between.

I’m very jealous of Evan’s lightsaber. It glows blue and red and makes awesome sounds as well. Unfortunatley he remembered to take it home with it. Bugger. I guess I will just have to get my own…

We had a wonderful reading of Dr Seuss by Paddy while Evan ran around being 5 and crazy. Paddy had a great knack of ignoring his brother waving lightsabers at him while he was reading, I wish I had that ability while I was doing things, I might get more done while Charlie is chasing me around waving things in my face!

Super stoked with this morning. The kids were brilliant and I think they enjoyed themselves, even if there was a bit of frustration with me because I couldn’t say sultana mans name, apparently it is Sontaran from Doctor Who…

For info on getting portrait shots done : ‘as you are’ portrait shoot info


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