Epacris marginata

Epacris marginata

Endemic to Tasmania

Usual habitat/distribution:
Uncommon shrub localised to a few spots along the East coast around the Tasman Peninsula and Orford.
This is one of those endemics which aren’t just endemic to Tasmania, but are super endemic to very localised spots around the East Coast, and have adapted quite specific niches. E. marginata can be found in just a few spots around the Orford and Tasman Peninsula area, Eaglehawk Neck, Cash’s Lookout and Mt. Brown, favouring a granite geology.

Grows as a shrub, up to about 1m in height. Highly branched with new branches slightly hairy. Leaves are stiff and spreading with a blueish tinge and a distinct margin.
Flowers are white and tubular, almost sessile and are clustered around the stem just below the apex of the shoot.

Locations I have seen it:
Three Thumbs Track, Orford (Nov 2015)

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