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Short and sweet | Sphinx Rock

Quick little trip out to Sphinx Rock today up on Mount Wellington. I really have no idea how may minutes it is along the Lenah Valley track from the Springs. Mainly because I never bothered to look. And everytime I walk out there it takes me a different amount of time. Depends on how many things I find along the way, what season it is and who I am with. I am guessing today took maybe 20 minutes. There were minimal stops, one to talk about Lichen and their benefit to the ecosystem ...
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Milles Track | Mt Wellington | Spring snow

Milles Track | Mt Wellington | Spring snow I have literally only left the house once in the past 8 days, and that was for a two hour uni prac where I got to measure metabolic rates of meal worms… Snotty noses (mine) and pus covered tonsils (Mr 6 year old) have pretty much had me couch bound for too long. Friday night I decided that no matter what the weather I was going to spend some hours in the bush, maybe walk out to Wellington Falls. Or the Disappearing Tarn. Or even ...
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Explore the Huon Valley…

The Huon Valley, in Southern Tasmania is a pretty amazing place. Loads of awesome things to do and see, places to stay, places to eat, places to just do all kinds of stuff. I’m honoured to have some of images featured on a new website showcasing what the area has to offer. So if you are looking for something to do on the weekend, or aren’t a Taswegian, but are planning a trip down here, make you hit up the website to help you plan! If you are a local business ...
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Mount Sprent | Mud | Thylacines

I walked up a mountain on Saturday and I managed to talk the entire way. This indicates to me that my fitness has greatly improved over the last few months. Last time I walked up a mountain I couldn’t hold a conversation, I was silent, too busy trying to concentrate on breathing and wondering if I was going to die from exertion. People often say I could talk underwater with a mouthful of marbles, and I probably could, but up until now I couldn’t talk walking up a mountain. Winning. Mount Sprent is ...
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