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Portrait shoot: Zoe and Bec

I'm a bit slack in updating the latest portrait shoot. I am a terrible blogger at the best of times, so that's my excuse. I need a minature dachshaund... If I was to get a dog, I think it would totally be one of these. Zoe is one of the ...
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The Disappeared Tarn…

The Disappearing Tarn is a fickle little tarn that appears on the mountain (Mount Wellington) every so often. After really heavy rains or a big snow melt, the bouldery depression fills up with crystal clear blue waters, and lasts for as long as it lasts. Spoken of as a 'hidden ...
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Western wilderness wandering

Not a huge amount of wandering on our last trip up the west coast. There was a bit, as much as can be possible at times with small children and not so small children. This time we really had no plans at all, other than head up to Rosebery and ...
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