You need photos in your life and on your walls

And I need to replace the bill money which I just spent on a new Tamron 24-70mm lens….

Nah, just joking, I would NEVER spend the bill money on stuff other than bills. Well, maybe a little bit here and there, for something that I really really really really NEEDED… Like a new lens. Let’s face it, that falls under the category of ‘bills’. Bills are things that are needed for survival, shelter, food, electricity, water, photography… Perhaps…

Anyway, I thought I would take this opportunity to do a bit of self promotion and point you to where you can purchase stuff for your walls or your life…

Online Galleries

Gumboots Photography Gallery Store

Recently I switched over my online gallery to a new SmugMug hosted site. Basically it gives me way more storage so I can keep all of the past events I have photographed up there, rather than having to archive them to make space for the new ones. I have half organised it, not very well, especially the Nature and the Landscapes sections, but I will get around to it at some point. If you do happen to have a browse of the site and have some ideas or advice on how I should best organise it and what not, feel free to drop me a line, I am open to all suggestions. Especially those of you who know the range of different things I photograph.

I believe I have uploaded majority of all the MMA, Muay Thai, Australian Girls in Gi and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu events I have photographed over the past few years. Give or take a couple that I may have forgotten about. If you are feeling so inclined to go and purchase some photos (AKA memories) of you doing awesome martialy arty type things these albums are quite well organised and you shouldn’t have any problem finding you.

There are also now a selection of Landscapey and Naturey type images which are available for purchase as a digital download so you can get them printed however you like. These downloads are for personal printing purposes only, not for facebooking or using on you latest business venture or publication. It is highly recommended that you get images purchased through a dedicated professional print lab. Harvey Norman, Kmart, other random photo kiosks might be quick and cheap, but they are also quick and cheap and can have a huge impact on the final product. If you have seen any images I have posted on Facebook but aren’t there, just drop me a line. If you are too lazy to print them yourself (which would totally be me) get in touch and I can give you a price for a printed and delivered image.

Redbubble Store

I also have a redbubble store which I have had for a looong time, but only randomly update it. You can get all the usual suspects there, prints, postcards, notebooks, coffee mugs, phone cases, cushions, other random things with my images printed on them… Good gifts for the person who has everything!

Now I personally haven’t purchased anything off RedBubble, however feedback I have gotten has been all good. Apparently their t-shirts are pretty nice too, but I don’t have those on my store. I think a photo on a t-shirt looks kinda weird. That’s my opinion though, and as we all have differing opinions and yours might be that you want an aurora on a t-shirt, tell me, and I’ll add weird photo t-shirts.

So there you go. Two places where you can go and purchase images on all sorts of stuff, of all sorts of stuff. From a beautiful aurora or sunset images right through to some memories of yourself playing punch face in a cage. I might even do a Calendar….

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Online Gallery:

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