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Portrait shoot: Nat

A little while back I started shooting some portraits in my front room with some lights that were generously given to me by a mate. I just wanted to have a play, expand my photographic photographing a bit and see what I could do. I got hooked on the lights! But then my daughter decided her room

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Portrait shoot: Evan and Paddy

Oh man, I had such a blast this morning. Kids are pretty damn fun to photograph I’ve decided. Paddy and Evan bought around some of their favourite things and we proceeded to stuff about and get some photos in between. I’m very jealous of Evan’s lightsaber. It glows blue and red and makes awesome sounds

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Portrait shoot: Gerry and Sarah

Technically it was two shoots, one at the club last week, and one here in my cosy little home studio. Cosy is code for teeny tiny and a little bit squishy, although it works well. No room for judo throws or take downs, that’s what the shoot at the club was for. I’m enjoying playing studio portraits.

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