Styx with Boots and Beams

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I totally love the world. The world where there aren’t people. Not that I don’t like people, people are good value and can be highly entertaining at times, but I really really really love the world where plants and bugs and stuff outnumber the people. Having said that, there were people involved in today, but not like loads of people, just my people. My adventure people, 2 little ones and a big one, and me, so in reality 4 little ones…

Our destination was as far as the road would take us before there was a locked gate that made us turn around. We never got as far as the locked gate, which was a shame, because I was really looking forward to seeing that. However it’s all about the journey really. Just like life, the universe and everything (42).

There was no spew which was good, because I am kinda over cleaning out spew from carseats, so with that alone the day out was a success! The weather was perfect. Not just Tassie perfect, but all around good weather perfect. Perfect amount of sun, perfect amount of not hot and not cold, perfect amount of not windy. Always a bonus when you are heading into forests, reduces the risk of having a tree fall and blocking you in on a road where you get no reception (Virgin mobile, need I say more).

There was no real plan, just a wander to explore the Styx Valley, see what was there, maybe find a river to look at it. I was not hunting anything at all today. Not after any moss or fungi or orchids… Not trying to find any plant in particular, I literally had an empty hunting head. Bit of a change for me, and I am sure to Leenas delight, I never even brought home any small branches that I found laying along the paths. Although Charlie did fill the boot with sticks again. That kid has a stick problem, he is weird.

All forests make me feel peaceful, although I can’t really limit that to forests, I should say all ‘vegetation types’ make me feel peaceful. Okay, that might be stretching it a bit too, hot summer days in dry forests or areas that snakes like to hang out in don’t actually make me feel peaceful, more a little paranoid. I know the chances of me dying from a snake bite are pretty slim, and I know what to do if I do see one or get bit by one, although there is always an exception. I feel like I will be that exception. It’s a totally rational, irrational fear… But anyway, I didn’t really have that fear today, except for a little bit near Junee Caves, but I survived, all is well.

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Back to the peaceful bit. How can you not be totally happy and relaxed in a beautiful big forests. Especially in areas like the Styx Valley, whose giant Eucalyptus tower over you making you feel like a little person on a speck, just waiting to hear Horton tell you he will save you. For those of you who are unaware of the Styx Valley, it is an area just past Maydena, which is just past Mount Field, about 70 or so kilometres from Hobart heading along the Gordon River road toward Strathgordon and the amazing South West Wilderness. It contains a vast forest of Eucalyptus regnans, literally the tallest flowering plants in the whole wide world, including the whole world.. Possibly the whole universe, but I can’t back that up. Pretty damn awesome.  Over the years the area has been the subject of many battles and debate, you know the ones, the people who want to cut down ALL the trees in the world and the people who want to save ALL the trees in the world, and the politicians who just want to get elected again so they make sure they can get a nice pension. Okay, perhaps that is simplifying it a little bit, and if you know me and my stance you will also know I am being a bit of a smart arse. The people who want to cut the trees down don’t actually want to cut them ALL down, and the people who want to save them don’t believe that ALL trees should never been felled. It’s a debate about finding the balance, and to be honest I don’t have enough knowledge about the current logging practises in the area to have an opinion on this one. I think it takes more than reading a few news articles produced by media trying to get ratings or listening to a political party or logging company or the random dude on Facebook with an opinion. I haven’t had the time to read ALL the things yet to form my opinion. Anyway…

It was a perfect day with perfect people in a perfectly awesome place. We called into Junee Caves on the way back and had a quick look at where the river appears from the black, that was pretty rad. I love these days, visiting the trees with no real plans or purpose, just to drive and walk and be in the world. When I grow up I want a job where I can be in the world ALL the time. Everyone should go out and be in the world. The real world. The world with just the trees and the moss and the massive great mosquito looking things that look like they could carry away a small child. One more sentence with the word world in it. Now I am done. World.

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