Sphagnum sp

Sphagnum sp

Sphagnum Moss

Usual habitat/distribution:
Predominantly a moss of alpine bogs, although certain species can be found right down to coastal areas. This one was at Peter Murrell Reserve near Coffee Creek roughly at an altitude of 50m asl. Here it was found growing in boggy areas.
Not listed
Shoots are quite distinctive and very pale, almost white on the lower shoots. Leaves are almost transparent. Sporophyte is unusual in terms of moss sporophytes and is a smooth black small globe on a rather thick white stalk, looking more like a chunky liverwort capsule. When looked at under a microscope the leaves will have quite distinct big empty hyaline cells, which are used for water transport.
There are about 4 species in Tasmania, and I’m not totally sure who this one is. I am thinking S. australe or S. cristatum, hopefully someone else might know!
Locations I have seen it:
Peter Murrell Reserve (July 2015)

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