Portrait shoot: Nat

A little while back I started shooting some portraits in my front room with some lights that were generously given to me by a mate. I just wanted to have a play, expand my photographic photographing a bit and see what I could do. I got hooked on the lights! But then my daughter decided her room was too small and wanted to swap… Being the good mother I am, I gave up my room. Unfortunatly her old room was way too small and awful and annoying. Got a few decent shoots out of it, but it was too frustrating!

Fast forward to now and she wanted to change back. So I did it. Right as she asked, before she had a chance to change her mind. Which meant that today’s shoot with Nat was in the new old home studio! Whooo hooo!

The hardest bit I find about doing these kinds of shoots is ‘posing’ people. I don’t like ‘posed’ photos, but at the same time, when you stick someone in front of some lights and camera they are kind of posing by default. Kids are easy. You just say ‘do something’ and all sorts of weird things happen… Adults are a bit different, especially when you have limited space.

I need to work on my explaining skills ‘just kinda look blank, but not blank, not sad or anything but just kind of look. Kind of staring, but not staring’… I know what I mean in my head…

Nat is one of my favourite people. We met not long after I got back to Tassie and have been buddies ever since. She has a tireless passion for life and all the things. Works hard, trains hard and manages to run a beautiful no-gi grappling club out in Moonah. Always encouraging and always a smile (except when I tell her not to smile for a photo).

Thanks for letting me take your photo Nat!

2017 I shall be bringing back the ‘as you are’ mini sessions, so you too can listen to me try and explain a facial expression… Always a laugh!

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