Portrait shoot: Gerry and Sarah

Technically it was two shoots, one at the club last week, and one here in my cosy little home studio. Cosy is code for teeny tiny and a little bit squishy, although it works well. No room for judo throws or take downs, that’s what the shoot at the club was for.

I’m enjoying playing studio portraits. Very different from the usual things I have photographed to date, but it’s fun. I do need to work on my direction skills though. “Just shift a bit to the left”… “no not you.. you move back”… “no don’t both of you move”… “Sarah move left… no, the other left… my left, your right”. Must use names and not assume everyone can read my mind and know who I am speaking to. I guess it doesn’t help when I am looking through the camera and they can’t actually see who I am looking at. Thankyou Sarah and Gerry for helping me work on my directing skills, and for looking fabulous.

Tomorrow Gerry is bringing his kids around and we are going to spend the morning playing dressups and taking photos with random things. Apparently they have a little collection of things to bring which is awesome. It’s gonna be loads of fun!



If you are interested in getting some shots done just check out this page here… “As you are portrait sessions”

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