Pimelea nivea

Pimelea nivea

Bushmans Bootlace

Tasmanian endemic
Usual habitat/distribution:
Common and widespread on rocky hillsides from sea level to montane.
Not listed
October – December
Medium sized shrub up to about 2m. Branches are quite tall and erect with flowers clustered at the end. Leaves opposite and decussate. Branches are distinctively hairy along with the underside of the leaves. Top of leaf is shiny dark green. Leaves are almost oval shaped about 1.5cm long and recurved.
Flowers are all terminally clustered. Distinct tubular flowers with 4 petals and 2 stamens which have quite a bright orange pollen.
Localities (where I have seen it):
Roadside at the Chalet on Mount Wellington (Dec 2015)

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