Photographing fully grown humans

Since I started putting together a little studio in the front room of my house I have really only had small people to use as my subjects. The novelty has started to wear off for them though, so unless they are really in the right mood it can be difficult to get them to co-operate. Luckily fully grown humans are slightly more co-operative, and today I had a couple of them to test out my studio set up on.

Enter Carla and Kieryn, two of my training buddies who were looking to get some portraits done. In the past everytime I have pointed a camera at Kieryn (usually at training or seminars) he ducks his head or hides behind the closest body. It’s a good thing he has moved on from that, because for one, there really wasn’t anywhere to hide today, and he really is very photogenic which resulted in some really great photos.

We also thought it would be cute to put Charlie in his gi and throw him in for a photo too. There really isn’t anything cuter than a little human armbarring a big human… It was a good afternoon, thankyou Kieryn and Carla for being such photogenic faces.

I have worked out a few more tricks and things I need to change, so eventually I can start offering a studio style portrait package.


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