Out and About photo shoot information.



$150 including 5 free digital images
$200 including 10 free digital images


What you get

  • A mix of group shots and individual, let me know if you have something specific in mind.
  • Options to purchase additional digital media, prints or canvasses. These will be available to view through an online, password protected gallery. You are welcome to share the link and password with anyone you wish.(There is no obligation to purchase any additional products) However unless the images are purchased they cannot be used on social media or for any purpose.

I do not supply unedited raw files of your shoot.  You are only provided with edited images.

These prices are for a standard photo shoot. Individuals and groups up to about 4 people (familes and their kids). For bigger groups and extended families please get in contact with me for a quote.

Additional images
All images will be available on a private online gallery

  • Digital media (suitable for printing) — $15 per image
  • Prints start at $12 for an 8x12cm print
  • Canvases start at $138 for a 12X18cm
  • Metal prints start at $89 for a 8x12cm

All prints, canvases and metals are printed through HC Pro Lab in Sydney.Orders are placed using an online ordering system through your gallery and are shipped out from the lab in Sydney straight to you. There is a flat rate charge of $10 postage, with the option of $15 for express. This all happens through the online gallery and I have no part of this process. I have used this print lab before and people have been very happy with it.

Organising a time
Drop me a line to work out a time, if you call, chances are I won’t answer but leave a message and I will get back to you asap.

Best times of day for photography is late afternoon or early morning as this is when the sun isn’t at it’s harshest. But if another time suits better we can work around it. Obviously being in Tasmania, weather can be an issue, so if it is we can work it out.

Organising a location
I am based in Claremont, although happy to drive to locations which aren’t too far away. If you desperately want to go and have a photo shoot at the top of Hartz mountains then I am happy to do that, I will just charge you a bit extra to cover petrol money.

Just let me know what kind of location you were after and we can work out one together that suits.

What to bring
Aside from yourselves there really isn’t anything. If you have young kids then bring a big bag of snacks to keep them occupied in case they get irritable.

If you want to bring an umbrella, toys for the kids, their special blanket or teddy bear just pile it all in the car.

Try and dress in colours that look good together. We all have different tastes on what that means, but they are your photos, so it is your choice!

Important information to consider
I offer photography only, I don’t do hair and make-up, mainly because I can’t, so trust me, it’s a good thing I don’t do that.

I am not a magician. If you bring along little Jimmy and he is in a super cranky mood and refuses to look anywhere except at the sky with his back to me then chances are I won’t be able to get a decent photo of him. I have 2 kids of my own, so I completely understand this. I will try my hardest to get them to co operate, but I am only human and can’t magically make kids stop being difficult. If this happens we shall work it out, but please don’t stress about it. Kids are individuals.

Please don’t ask me any of these things

  • Can you make me look thinner” – I’m sorry, I can’t do this, I am a photographer, not a plastic surgeon. But really, why do you need to look thinner? Photos are for now, where you are at, who you are, if you think you have a little extra baggage, and maybe you do, then just embrace it as where you are in life today.
  • Do you do hair and make-up” – No, I don’t even do hair and make-up on me
  • Can you do a shoot for free, it would be great exposure for you” – No. Exposure doesn’t pay bills or buy equipment, however if you run a shop that sells photography gear then I will happily take some off you in return for a free shoot.
  • Can I just have some images for Facebook” – Yes, you get ten free images if you like the others you can purchase them online through your gallery.
  • “Can you Photoshop me riding an elephant?” – Sorry, I don’t do photoshopping, if you have one really nasty crazy pimple then I can remove that, but that’s as far as I go. I also won’t remove freckles or any other feature which resides on your body and is visible. You are your freckles and whatever weird face thing you might have going on, that’s what makes you you.

Got some more questions? Don’t hesitate to ask.

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