There are two major groups within the Fungi. The ascomycetes and the basidiomycetes, which are seperated by the way they produce their spores. Spores are like the ‘seed’ of fungi, containing the genetic information from both parents which will then grow into a new fungi. In the macrofungi, which are the ones I chase about the forests, the bit that you see is the fruiting body, which is responsible for bearing the spores and letting the spores go out into the world to get their own mortgages and battle through life. You can browse the fungi vias groups in the link to your right or just see them all here grouped as one big happy family.

Remember, everytime you pluck a fungi from the forest you are murdering all the fungi babies… the point being, don’t pick them all or kick them around.

I don’t just make all this stuff up either. All information about fungi has come from numerous sources, the two biggest of which are mycologists, Genevieve Gates and David Ratkowsky via themselves and their ‘Field Guide to Tasmanian Fungi’, as well as ‘A Field Guide to Australian Fungi’ by Bruce Fuhrer.

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