Cyathodes glauca

Cyathodes glauca


Tasmanian endemic
Usual habitat/distribution:
Common in wet sclerophyll and can be found up to 1100m in sub montane type area.
Not listed
December – January, yet fruit can persist almost all year around.
Leggy shrub up to 3m high. Leaves grow on false whorls in intervals along the stem. Leaves are around 30mm long, with parallel venation. Leaf tips can be a bit pointy.
Flowers are white tubular shaped and are constricted at the throat. Fruit is a flattered drupe and can range in colour from white to pink to red. Fruit can persist almost all year around, so generally you will either see a flower or a fruit.

At higher altitudes C. glauca is replaced with C.straminea, which has smaller leaves and a more prostrate growth.

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