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Acianthus caudatus

Acianthus caudatus Mayfly orchid Flowering: Late winter early spring Usual habitat/distribution: Wide range of lowland habits with open understory in shady places. Usually found near tree trunks and fallen logs North, East and South East. Status: Not listed Description: raceme with 1-9 flowers usually dark purple. Long filamentous sepals. Strong odour Locations I have seen it:

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Acianthus pusillus

Acianthus pusillus Small mosquito orchid Flowering: Autumn to early winter Usual habitat/distribution: Woodland, heathland, shady places, amongst rocks and rock ledges. Widespread throughout the North, East and South East. Status: Not listed Description: Can have up to 20 tiny flowers per stem. Grows in colonies with loads of heart shaped green leaves, purple underneath. Only

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Caladenia alpina

Caladenia alpina Alpine Caladenia Flowering: Summer Usual habitat/distribution: Subalpine areas between 400 and 1200 m asl. Status: Not listed Description: 1-4 flowers per stem, about 15-30cm tall. White inside, pink to red on the outside with yellow calli. Strongly hooded dorsal sepal. Single narrow leaf, dark green and sparsely hairy with a red base. Locations I have

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Caladenia carnea

Caladenia carnea Pink fingers Flowering: Spring Usual habitat/distribution: Open eucalyptus forest, grassland, heathland. Widespread throughout the North, East and South East. Status: Not listed Description: Small pink flowers about 3cm. Colour can vary in shades of pink. Usually 1-2 flowers on a stem. Leaves narrow, linear with a few hairs about 10cm. Similar looking species: Lots it seems…

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Caladenia caudata

Caladenia caudata Tailed spider-orchid Endemic to Tasmania Flowering: Late September in the south to late October in the north Usual habitat/distribution: woodlands and heathlands within 20km of coast. Northern, Eastern and Southern Tasmania. Status: Vulnerable – Threatened Species Protection Act 1995 Description: Fairly large flowers, about 5cm across. Fair bit of red through them. Hairy scape.

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Caladenia clavigera

Caladenia clavigera Clubbed spider-orchid Flowering: Spring Usual habitat/distribution: Open eucalypt forest and woodland, dry areas, often in association with Casuarina spp. Status: Not listed Description: 20-40cm tall. Clubbed, cordate labellum. Entire or slightly serrated margins. Narrow sparsely hairy singular leaf around 15cm long, 10mm wide. Locations I have seen it: Risdon (Sept 2015)  

Caladenia echidnachila

Caladenia echidnachila Fawn spider-orchid Endemic to Tasmania Flowering: September -October Usual habitat/distribution: Woodlands and heathlands within 20km of coast. Restricted to the south-east. Status: ? Description: Fairly large flowers, greater than 5cm across. Predominately fawn/cream in colour. Labellum fringed with reddish teeth and reddish calli. Similar looking species: C. caudata, C. clavigera Locations I have seen it: Lenah

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Caleana major

Caleana major Flying Duck-orchid Flowering: November and December but can also flower through to Feb. Usual habitat/distribution: Well drained sandy and gravelly around Casuarina and eucalypt forest and heathland North, east and south east. Status: Not listed Description: It looks like a duck. Similar looking species: Ducks Locations I have seen it: Peter Murrell Reserve

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