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Austropaxillus muelleri

Austropaxillus muelleri Habitat and Substrate: I’ve seen it growing from Dicksonia antarctica (tree ferns) Description: Quite large funnel shaped fungus with inrolled margins and decurrent, forked gills. Yellowy/golden/browny cap, a bit scaley and can get up to 8cm wide. The stipe is a bit lighter, with gills the same colour.

Macrolepiota clelandii

Macrolepiota clelandii Habitat and Substrate: Grows from the soil Description: These photos were taken by Geoff and I over a period of about a week. We found them when they were small and Geoff went back to check on them, so he did all the hard work really. We never got an I.D on them until

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Coprinus comatus

Coprinus comatus Habitat and Substrate: Grows in soil and loves the roadsides and really disurbed areas, sides of tracks etc. Description: Can get up to about 15cm tall and even taller. Starts out as a little shaggy white bud and slowly goes through the stages of a large cylindrical cap, still shaggy and then when it matures

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Pholita malicola

Pholita malicola Habitat and Substrate: Grows in soil but is associated with buried wood. Description: Up to 15cm wide Has a sticky browny yellow cap with a long yellow-brown dry stipe about 2cm wide. When it is young is has a whiteish veil, which is like cobwebby stuff that covers the gills. Likes to grow along roadsides

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Mycena interrupta

Mycena interrupta Habitat and Substrate: Grows on dead wood, fallen trees, logs etc in rainforest and wet forests. Description: Up to 15mm wide. Bright blue with a deeper blue spot in the centre, fades as it gets older. White gills. Unmistakable.