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Lycoperdon perlatum

Lycoperdon perlatum Puffball fungi Habitat and Substrate: Grows in groups on soil, either little groups or big ones. Description: Starts out little and looks quite spiny, then it gets bigger and the spines wear away and it gets a little hole in the middle where the spores come out in a puff. Average diameter is 2-3cm but

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Tremella fuciformis

Tremella fuciformis Habitat and Substrate: Wood inhabiting Description: Looks like a discarded tissue, which are quite often more commonly found than fungi along popular walking tracks. However on closer inspection you will find T. fuciformis to be frilly and jelly like, usually with a whole lot of tiny bugs having a feast. Well, the ones I have

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Postia punctata

Postia punctata Habitat and Substrate: Found on large logs Description: Creamy brown fruitbodies, white underside, forming a bit of a rosette shape. When young can just look more blobby than rosettey. Can get to about 20cm in diameter. Oozes water droplets. Unmistakable really.

Aurantiporus pulcherrimus

Aurantiporus pulcherrimus Bracket Fungi Habitat and Substrate: Grows on dead logs and living trees. Usually associated with Nothofagus cunninghamii (myrtle beech) but has also been seen growing on snow gums up in montane areas. Description: Annual bracket, which gorws and dies each year. Super bright red fading through orange as it ages. Can be up to 12cm

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Clavulinopsis sulcata

Clavulinopsis sulcata Habitat and Substrate: Grows on soil, but in really old decaying and well rotted forests it can seem like it is growing from wood, but really in the soil that is caught in the wood. Description: Coral fungi, up to about 10cm or so tall. Usually growing in clumps of simple singluar rods, sometimes can

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