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Aleuria ferruginea

Aleuria ferruginea Cup Fungi Habitat and Substrate: Soil inhabiting. Description: Cups opening up to be fairly flattish, although this is a photo of a young one so is still very cuppy. Rusty brown with little warts on the outer surface and an olive-green/yellow inside. Diameter from about 1-2.5cm. This young one was about half the size of my

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Urnula campylospora

Urnula campylospora Habitat and Substrate: Found on soft rotten wood and sometimes soil. Not usually twigs Description: The biggest of all the black cup fungi, it can get up to 6cm in diameter. The outer surface is black and the inner surface is brown. I’ve usually seen it at the base of trees, but just because

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Lachnum lachnoderma

Lachnum lachnoderma Habitat and Substrate: Found on little bits of wood, splinters or small branches and twigs. Description: Cute little cups up to about 3mm in diameter. They are a furry kind of white on the outside and a nice yellow on the inside of the cup. They like to grow in groups like this, so

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